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Intelligent Controller


The control for your infrared heaters


  • Absolutelly noiseless
  • Can be operated conveniently viatouch display!

Operation is child’s play


Our LCD-Touch display offers full comfort! Each heater can be continuously regulated and also switched off.

Installation is particularly easy for do-it-yourselfers, as it forms a ready-to-plug-in system with the spotlights. Plug-in-ready

Control interface


Your perception of warmth is individual and varies from day to day. That is why our infrared cabins adapt to your needs. You can steplessly regulate each heater separately.


Stable housing

The stable housing of the control can be screwed to the carrier wood and automatically creates a gap between the carrier wood and the housing.


Plug & Play

The icon + Infraredmed system are ready to plug in. The infrared med emitters can be plugged directly into the control or extended with system cables.



Cooling fins on the housing ensure optimal, passive heat dissipation of the components.


The mains lead is via a earthing contact plug

icon for 230V is supplied with a safety plug and is therefore plug & play ready


DOWNLOAD Installation instructions for the icon 230 Touch control unit

You can download the current installation instructions here. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.
DOWNLOAD: icon230Touch-assembly instructions

Our classic dimmer.

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icon eco1

Dimmer for infrared emitters

  • Steplessly dims infrared emitters up to 750W.
  • Can be integrated into a wooden wall without great effort.

Optimal heat radiation is required for a perfect well-being – but this depends on subective percetion.
The solution: individual adjustment options.
The result: perfect warmth for every seat.

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